A Confident Xeus faces the Beast & decides to strike a deal. what is Xeus thinking? Find out in the next page.

Xeus being all Badass. Does he have plan though?! I want to share some amazing news with all my readers. For those unaware last Thursday Beast Legion won it’s third Best WebComic Award. This time from the Indian Comic’s Fandom Awards 2016. Over 1100 votes were documented & I want to take a moment & thank each & everyone of the people who voted. You guys keep me motivated to push my art & my comic further.

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Also contrast to my regular anime style, I can finally share a project I’ve been working on for the last 7 years! A kids web series called Aadi & friends aimed at educating kids about moral values & life lessons through entertaining stories.I had an opportunity to work with an amazing team & a chance to direct & animate episodes for the series. I hope you all will give it a try & please do subscribe to the Youtube channel for the same.