Behold Leviatha’s transformed Beast mode!

Saw X-men first class for a second time & each time I see it I like it even more. Marvel really hit the jackpot & I’m hoping Green Lantern lives upto the expectations…even though I’m not that familiar with the character. Apart from that this week was a bit drab. Issue 5 still has a few weeks to go but I assure you the ending of this issue will leave you glued for the next. All I can humbly ask of you my readers is to spread the word & please let me know what you think about the comic. I’m a little surprised that we usually have 3000-5000 hits a day & yet rarely anyone comments. I hope that changes soon & hence I have no installed Instant debate & soon we will be enabling facebook comments.

I hope you drop by more often & help spread the word. Remember you can always join our FB group for all the latest updates. You are most welcome to join in.