EDIT: Over the weekend, I was gutted to hear the news about the passing of one of the people I respected the most, Mr Lou Schiemer. The Amazing man who made not only my childhood but the childhood everyone around me so special. Founder of Filmation Studios, & the genius who spearheaded the movement of bringing iconic characters like He-mam, Flash Gordon, Bravestarr, Archie & so many more that clearly defined the 80s. Infact I have no hesitation in saying that I’m a He-man fan first & creator of the Beast Legion later. In Fact He-man was indirectly instrumental in inspiring the Beast Legion so that credit partly goes to Mr.Schiemer as well..He will not be missed… but always remembered. My condolences to the entire Schiemer family.

Lou Scheimer

Enjoy today’s much. Not much else to say. :)