First off, from here on pages will be colored by Kevin Pearce ( & part of them will be colored by me.

Also I want to give out my heartfelt thanks to everyone who nominated Beast Legion for the Drunkduck Awards & we are one of the finalists in the ‘Best Anthro Comic’ Category. I appreciate all the support & hope it continues & also that I can live upto your expectations.

Lastly, Comic Con Mumbai is just around the horizon as I’ve already mentioned.I’ll be selling a set of issues 1 to 4 at the con. Should any remain, I will have a very limited time sale so that people who are not able to attend the con can grab the copies & trust me they will be well worth it. International orders will have to pay shipping but I’ll post all those details at a later date when it’s finalized.

Coming back to the comic itself, I’m assuring you guys are gonna love Chou & Clawborr as this issue progresses. Hope you enjoy the page.

Lastly the Topwebcomics rankings reset in 24 hours & as always I’d be very grateful if you could vote in large numbers for the comic tomorrow. All you need to do is click on the button link either on the to leftmost corner or the vote button at the right side of the comic. Thanks for all your Support!