First of giving credit where it is due, the page is colored by fellow Deviant art member, Marcos Novalbos ( So do check out his work.

This week has been particular hectic as I have to send everything for printing for the Comic Con & as such I’ve had to go through proof reading everything…God, I hate proof reading!

Also did anyone check last week’s Thundercats, apart from Leo’s armor I think the whole episode was an amazing & fresh take on the series origin. The series has got me all hyped up.

On another note, I seriously don’t know how I haven’t mentioned this comic in my webcomic reccomendations, but Oswald Chronicles has to be one of the most amazing reads coupled with Brilliant artwork. J.D Calerdon sure knows how to creat an Amazing world! I hope you guys check it out, but please do come back here. 😉

As always, your feedback would mean alot so if you have a minute or two do ‘like’ us or leave a comment. Have a great week.