One of my favourite pages from this chapter! Xeus questions the Beast’s hatred… is it his confidence or naivety?… and will it cost him dear?

I want to thank all of you amazing people for voting for the Beast Legion for the last week over at Topwebcomics. Your votes matter big time for the comic to stay in the running.

But in other great news, Beast Legion has also made it to the Top 10 Fantasy Comics on by popular vote. More motivation for me to keep the series going & getting better. I really hope that once my Patreon pics up & we cross the $500 mark , I can get back to double page updates.

And speaking of patrons , I just have to give a special Shout out, to a patron who has lifted my spirits & confidence by donating $55 for the last two months towards the comic. Thank you so much NiWo21K for being so supportive & encouraging towards my work & here’s something I hope will make your day. As promised NiWok21k’s character Zaphear Fox will make an appearance in Chapter 16 ( Yes, It’s a long way off , but definitely happening) & I will also be creating a conceptual Beast form for her. as part of the $50+ reward. But here’s a pic of the character in full action pose.
Zaphear Fox

Lastly I have applied recently to join the SpiderForest webcomic collective. Just pray the application goes through guys. It’s been so much fun joining the forums & connecting with fellow web comic artists, I’m eagerly looking forward to being part of the collective.

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