Another colored page, since we got a new backer on Patreon yesterday…Thanks Corey Mikell for the Pledge. Your name will be dded to the list on the first. Every time a new patron contributes annually towards the comic i will color that week’s page. :) If it’s two people a week then the next two pages will be colored too. Check the blog below for more info.

Got back from An Amazing trip to hill station called Panchgani here in India. It was a refreshing breather after months of constant work & it really helped me spend some quality time with my family & reevaluate my goals for the next few years. Beast Legion is always a priority for my but I do have a dream of putting India on the map in terms of animation. Both are semi long term goals but I’m going to work hard to realize them. I’ll make sure you all are part of that journey.

I know Fyres expression is a bit too exaggerated in panel too but that’s exactly how i wanted it to be since she realizes what’s at stake. She is reaching a point where she is slipping towards rage. Will she give in is a whole different question.

Also I have a few printed copies of the Beast Legion Volumes 1-3 remaining. If any of you international fans would like to grab the set Please email me for further details at The Entire 3 volume set costs $15 USD + $12 shipping & covers Chapter 1-11 of the series.