The Beast Unleashes his trump card, a game changer move & it has the power to negate the effects of the Beast Transfer.

It’s been 3 weeks of rigorous effort but every day I get one step closer to completing the Beast Legion animated intro. I promise you it will be an absolute treat for all you fans who have read the manga so far. It’s taking time but I can’t afford to rush things & sacrifice the quality. It’s a very important project to me as I want to showcase my animation skills like never before. For regular updates on the project you can pledge towards my Patreon campaign for as little as $1/month so do consider supporting.

I will be posting a few screen grabs from the animation so far in this very post, so do come back & check out the latest update on our Facebook page And be sure to turn on the receive updates (Follow) button.

Enjoy the page. Look forward to your feedback.