HERE we go, final page of issue 9 & I’m sure you won’t be dissappointed. I hope you enjoy!

Also look forward to seeing everyone at the Mumbai Films & Comics convention. I will be carrying limited Beast Legion issues of Vol 1 & 2 if possible but will be once gain part of Studio Anitracks booth promoting the upcoming Age of Lions series. However I promise next three issues that will be released next year will all be double sized.

Apart from that this times Convention is super special as it’s going to have two giants off the Japanese manga Industry present in form of both comics & toys. That’s right Banpresto & Viz Manga will be present in full force at the convention & that is a big step forward for both Anime fans & enthusiasts. So be sure to fill your wallets & visit the convention cause it’s going to be a great one! Apart from that there’s going o be a plethora of indie titles up for grabs.

A Big congratulations & thanks to the Comic Con Team & founder Jatin Verma for this Amazing giant leap.