Just a case of bad timing… Don’t worry Ahron , we all go through this… well maybe not when it comes to life & death decisions like these, but still. 😛

Thanks so much to all of you for your amazing response since the site’s come back. It really motivates me to push further & improve both my story telling skills & my style.

Also For those of you who support Beast Legion on Patreon, theres an surprise coming up tomorrow for all of you. It ain’t Beast Legion related but I hope you guys will like it. I will be sharing a low rez version of the original psd with all $2 patrons who pledge before the 24th of Feb & will send the file once the first successful pledge is made at the start of March.

Also if any of you use StumbleUpon please add the latest pages to your lists. It’s one of the best ways to spread the webcomic apart from sharing on Social media.

Lastly I have deactivated disqus as a lot of people have been complaining how they cannot comment. Will keep it disabled for 4-5 weeks to test out.

Enjoy the page…