“The comic is neatly packaged in books and the story has alot of action. The characters are likable and pacing is very good. The drawing and grayscale are well done and still improving.” – RainofGods.blogspot.com

“a fresh mix of story telling and art style that can appeal to today’s younger comic readers and to people like myself who has a fondness for this style of fantasy and adventure stories.This webcomic is a good and fast read.” –DefectiveGeeks.com

“The site is easy to navigate, with sections that will give you the low down on the characters and the story, as well as other associative sections like news, reviews, a faq, a gallery.” – http://www.comicbookandmovirreviews.com

“The anthropomorphic forms of each character are a delight to the eye, and had me personally going over the details with my eyeball glued to the screen.” – http://www.comicaddicts.com

Interview With Helpline 3D : A rather fun & informal interview I had with one of the fast growing animation portals in India regarding me, my work, the comic & the award.

Now let’s talk about the artwork, it’s purely magical, a fantasy story is only as good as its characters and the way Jazyl H has drawn them makes it worth reading and exploring – Review by SalvationInk

A short review of The Beast Legion by Jazyl Homavazir. I started reading The Beast Legion yesterday morning and I have now completed reading eight issues. I am just going to say that it is a “Beast of a Series” and it must be there in every Indian Comics Fan collection. The writing is spirited and the accompanying artwork is excellent. I just love how all the “Beast Transformations” have been portrayed. The story-line flows smoothly and keeps the reader active with it’s frequent action-sequences.

The protagonists and the antagonists are always at each others throats which makes it even more interesting and the best part is that the main hero is kind of funny. Overall, this series has to be read to be believed. I did have a little difficulty with the first four books regarding the artwork. The difficulty was with recognizing the outlines of the characters… maybe because of the printing quality of the first four books; starting from Book 5, I didn’t have this issue. Maybe it’s just me. I am totally going to follow this series till it ends and am looking forward to reading the continuation, page-by-page, on http://www.thebeastlegion.com/ I usually don’t read web-comics, but, I am making an exception as I cannot wait for the story to unfold. I will suggest everyone in this group to go for this immediately. Plus, you have an option to read it for free online. All I will say is that you purchase the printed version if you like it. Rating: ****/5

Devang Sangrajhka(Indian Comics Club)

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