Hi guys,

As Beast Legion is starting to grow fast & we’re very close to the 100k Facebook fan mark, I was struck by an idea a few days back which I’d like to introduce to all my readers & Beast Legion fans:

1) I am now accepting open guest art submissions.This can be anything from one page short to a character pin-up or a collage as long as it Beast Legion related & safe for viewing. Then, depending on how many we get they will be posted every Sunday & the artist will be featured along with URL of his choice. However remember that guest art isn’t considered part of the Original cannon. This is open to everyone irrespective of their artistic talent!

2) The second feature will be titled ‘Lithopian of the Week’ . I want the site to be more interactive & I want to hear your thoughts. Comment on the latest pages & let me know what you think of the comic. Your insight will probably help me evovle as an artist & a writer. In order to encourage that I will be picking one of the people who comment & feature him on Fridays page update along with any link of his choosing( anything except mature content ;D). That person will also receive a high rez digital copy of one of the Beast Legion posters. Once selected you will be eligible for the next fan of the week feature only after 2 weeks.

Look forward to hear what you guys have to say & Once again thank you for all you support towards the comic.