Hey Fellow Beast Legion readers,

As some of you may already know, I have been running a free fantasy adventure webmanga series titles the Beast Legion (www.thebeastlegion.com) for the last 4 years. It’s a project that is very dear to me & It’s something I want to share with the whole world. The reason I’m starting this patreon crowdfunding campaign is to widen the fanbase for the series & create a promotion mechanism that will help it grow & transcend boundaries. Click the image to visit the campaign & check all the awesome rewards & goals…

I will always keep the comic free to read & for all to enjoy but I am starting this campaign to raise funds for additional activities & various other plans that I have to take this series to the next level, which include organizing contests, getting the series in print, better advertising, releasing limited edition art books & hopefully a limited edition run of statues… But most importantly getting more people to read the comic. A pledge of even $1-2 goes a very long way if even 50 people contribute on a monthly basis. Every pledge will give you access to exclusive BL art.

I humbly ask all of you to at least give the campaign a look & take call & even if you cannot contribute please share it to the best of your ability. Together with your support i’m pretty sure we can spread the Beast Legion goodness accross the globe. Thanks for reading.