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Here’s a list of the Amazing patrons who have been sponsoring the comic for the last few months. Thanks to their contributions so far I am abale to cover the hosting as well as webdesigning costs that I incur & I’m forever grateful for the contributions. If you enjoy the comic & want to contribute please read below for more info…

Patrons of Patreon

Thank you all for supporting this comic & my work for the last 5 years. Your likes & shares are what keep this comic going & hrlp spread word of it. For those of you who are not aware yet, I’ve recently started a Patreon Page to help raise funds for the comic’s upkeep. I really want to devote more of my time towards Beast Legion & do my best to make your reading experience more fun, both art & story wise as well as use the funds to effectively promote the comic online. Patreon allows fans to help support the artist directly on a monthly/annual basis. For as little as $1 you get access to exclusive images, early updates. Higher tier rewards also incluse e-book subscriptions, hi-rez images of some of my best works, original psds of my art and animation & much more. To see how you can contribute please click the image below & visit the link to my Patreon Page.