Hope all of you have an Awesome Thanksgiving guys. In order to celebrate I’m holding a contest where two lucky winner can win the first 4 issues of the comic in print. All you have to do is:

Click for larger size

1) Download the pic above & color it.

2) Once done you can post either post the image in our facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/TheBeastLegion, or our Deviantart Group ( http://thebeastlegion.deviantart.com) or directly comment on this blog post with a link to the colored pic.

3) This contest is open to fans & readers World wide.

4) Deadline for the contest is till next Thursday, 2nd August & the two winners will be announced on Sunday, August 5th.

Feel free to share this post around as much as you like. Thanks for your constant support & I hope this contest gets some good response.