So I can finally share the teaser to ‘The Age of Lions’, an upcoming animated series that I have been working on with Anitracks Media Pvt. Ltd for the latter half of 2012 & this is the first fruit of that effort. I trust you’ll enjoy it…

‘Age of Lions’ is a historic fantasy adventure set in 273 BC.E in India & involves the story of two teenagers & their struggles in a war torn Mauryan Empire brought bu the struggle of two Princes. It focuses on their adventure & coming of age as they indirectly play a role in the formation of one of the most glorious periods of Indian history.

The series is conceptualised by Sudeep Chaudhari & the illustrious Shamik DasGupta in the writing department & me, Ajitesh Bhattacharjee, Santosh Pillewar, Deepak Sharma heading the art department along with RME as the production house.

We hope you enjoy it & I’d sincerely love to hear your comments on our youtube video if you have an account. Help us take it Viral…Tentative release early/mid 2014