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Thats Right. Starting today the website will be updated as usual & I promise you the website will only get better with time. There’s still a few glitches in Navigation that need to be fixed along with the Character profiles that will go online real soon & something else thats gonna be a very Special Surprise!

I want to lend out my special thanks to Dylan Cook ( for the amazing new CSS layout & of course Brandy Dixon for getting the site back up.

We apologize for the long down time , but this update was extremely essential .  We hope all you existing readers come back & I promise theres alot more in store for you guys including exclusive pics, mini contests & lots more. You can now get updates directly via RSS & not to forget Comments!!! So please feel free to share your thoughts on all the latest pages!

Hope you have fun here… get ready to Unleash The Beast Within! And to add to celebration here’s this week’s exclusive voting incentive! Remember, a vote a day makes a ton of a difference.


Jazyl H