As some of you avid webcomic readers/creators may already know, Topwebcomics resets on the 1st of each month & I urge you to please cast in a vote for the Beast Legion. Every vote helps the comic move up the ranking & we would like nothing more than to see it reach the top(though it’s highly unlikely so soon) But every vote has it’s impact & I urge you to vote daily. There will be a new Incentive waiting later today as I was a bit tied up this Friday. You can either vote by following this link or through the TWC button right at the top left corner. It just takes a sec.

Secondly, As I mentioned earlier , I’m going to be holding a mini contest each week for the next 3 weeks( depending on the success) to encourage you guys to comment on the site. So here goes from today to Friday, all those who comment on ant page of the comic(not this blog) will be elligible to win a free bust up flat color commission of any character of their choosing. We will have a lucky draw to determine the winner.

Last, lets get the RSS thing sorted out. We’ve realized that Google Chrome doesn’t support direct feeds & hence you will need to download this extension for the feeds to pick up.

The feeds seem to be working just fine with Mozilla & IE on my end, but if you do have any problems do bring it to our attention.