Hey guys,

I’m very happy to announce that It’s been just over a year since the Beast Legion went online & I wanted to share it’s success with you in a very very special way. So for this week there will be 5 updates, one each day plus two fan art updates to the Gallery on Wednesday & Thursday. Also for this week all pages will be in COLOR ! Just Remember that the color pages will only be uploaded online & not in the printed version. I want to give out my heartfelt thats to all my friends, readers & voters who have stood by this concept through thick & thin & I’m sure your support will help me make the manga go on for a long long time.

Also we have a very special voter’s incentive in store for you this week & I’m certain you’ll like it. Click below to vote & check it out. It just takes 2 seconds…

Initially I was going to release a limited edition artist prints book, filled with exclusive art by different artists but I have had to divert the funds towards October’s Comic Con, here in India after which I plan to release the book on a wider scale in my country. As soon as the event is over I will once again look to try & get the book out but please bear with me until then. The con will take place on the 22 nd & 23rd of October here in my city of Mumbai.